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3D Visualisation

3D visualisation is now a key aspect of the architectural design process, and Twenty 20 has invested in an in-house capability to allow clients to benefit directly from this important technology.

3D visuals such as CGI, renders or illustrations can be used to help communicate the architectural concept from the initial sketch stage right through to the planning stage. They are also a key component in helping clients to visualise the final design on their project, and are easily integrated into marketing publications – both print and online. Our CGI team has more than 18 years’ experience, and gives you instant access to this growing element of architectural design and practice.

3D Animations

3D animations are the best way for you to see the full details and character of your individual project or a wider scheme. Animations are 3D computer-generated movie clips that provide a fly through the space, showing the buyer or developer the look and feel of the proposals and immersing them in the potential of the design.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, 3D animations guarantee the best visual and emotional impact, creating engagement and connection with the design.